NFPA Air Cylinders

Page 2 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. 10-17-12 NFPA Cylinders Hard (60 Rc) coated I.D. high strength aluminum alloy tube. Head and cap are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and black anodized for corrosion resistance. Oversized nonmetallic, composite ‡ rod bearing provides maximum load bearing support and superb wear resistance for high cycle life. Ground and polished high strength steel piston rod has hard chrome plated surface to provide maximum cycle life for bushing and seals. Floating cushion seal design allows quick full flow to entire piston sur- face for instant stroke reversal. Tie rods are 100,000 psi minimum yield steel for maximum holding power. Threads are rolled for durability. Bearing retainer ring allows bearing car- tridge to be removed without disassembly of cylinder. Solid aluminum alloy piston is strong, light weight and carries a wide graphite filled PTFE wear band to support maximum load conditions. Cushion has a flush, retained adjustment needle. Compression type tube seals are reusable. Port design allows full flow for optimum cylinder operation. Cylinder Construction Polyurethane rod wiper has excellent abrasion resistance. Pressure rating: 250 psi max. Temperature limits: –10°F to +165°F. The dimensional interchange to NFPA Standards Lubrication is a high performance synthetic grease with microscopic PTFE particles in suspension. MXO - Basic Cylinder Order Code XO MF1 Head Rectangular Flange - Order Code F1 MF2 Cap Rectangular Flange - Order Code F2 MP1 Fixed Clevis Order Code P1 MP2 Detachable Clevis Order Code P2 MP3 Fixed Eye Order Code P3 MT1 Head Trunnion Order Code T6 MX1 Extended Tie Rods Both Ends - Order Code X1 MX2 Extended Tie Rods Cap End - Order Code X2 MX3 Extended Tie Rods Head End - Order Code X3 MS1 Angle Mount Order Code S1 MS2 Side Lug Mount Order Code S2 MT2 Cap Trunnion Order Code T7 MT4 Mid Trunnion Order Code T8 MS4 Bottom Tapped Order Code S4 MP4 Detachable Eye Order Code P4 Sleeve Nut Mount Order Code SN Quick Reference to Mounting Styles Buna-N Nitrile Seals standard. ‡ Note: Rod bushing for 1-1/2" & 6" bores with oversize rod is graphite filled, cast iron material.