F-Series Cylinders

32 (1.26) 34 (1.34) 8.5 (.33) 9.8 (.39) Sensor Pigtail 1, 2 or 5 Meter Cable 60 Cylinder Accessories Magnetic Position Sensors 9-20-18 Magnetically operated reed switches and electronic sensors can be mounted anywhere along the length and circumferance of the cylinder. A magnetic piston is required and is standard on Magnetic Interchange cylinders. Specify Magnetic Piston Option “–03” for other F-Series models or “–12” for 3-position models *Quick disconnect style sensors are supplied with male connector as shown in this photo. Order female cordsets separately from the chart below. Prewired style sensors are supplied with a 9 foot leadwire. Mounting Options ) 6HULHV F\OLQGHU ZLWK UDLO PRXQWHG GRYHWDLO VHQVRUV shown on one of Fabco-Air's linear slide products. Sensor slides into extruded aluminum rail and is locked in place with a screw. Dovetail Rail DV VKRZQ DERYH (must be ordered separately). Order by Part No. “ER – length” where the length is known, or by “ER – cylinder model no.” Example: “ER-F-1062D02-04A-03” Model no. of cylinder allows factory to determine the length needed. (Estimated length for pricing purposes LV ´VWURNH ") Price: $3.10 + $1.10 per inch length Supplied with double sided tape affixed. Application recommendations: a) Clean cylinder body O.D. with DFHWRQH 5HPRYH DOO RLO IURP VXUIDFH E 'R QRW DSSO\ WKH UDLO RYHU WKH crimped body edge. c) Double check positioning of the rail. d) High performance double sided WDSH RIIHUV FRQYHQLHQW ´SHHO DQG VWLFNµ EXW LV YHU\ DJJUHVVLYH JLYLQJ you only one chance. Be careful ! H 5HPRYH SURWHFWLYH ILOP IURP WDSH DQG place rail in desired position. f) Firmly press the rail to cylinder body. $OWHUQDWLYHO\ WKH H[WUXGHG DOXPLQXP UDLO can be fastened using Loctite ® U-05FL XUHWKDQH DGKHVLYH RU VLPLODU )ROORZ product manufacturer's recommendations for application. 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ Temperature range:–4° to +176°F (–20° to +80C) ‡ (QFDVHG LQ D SODVWLF KRXVLQJ GRYHWDLO VW\OH VHQVRUV DUH FRUURVLRQ resistant. 60° wire outlet allows close mounting. ‡ 7ZR PHWKRGV RI PRXQWLQJ DUH DYDLODEOH RQH LV IDVWHQHG WR WKH cylinder barrel with a band clamp (not included with sensor – must be ordered separately); the second is an DGKHVLYH EDFNHG mounting rail ZLWK WZLQ GRYHWDLO VORWV *Note: Quick disconnect styles are supplied with 6 inch pigtail with male connector. Order female cordsets separately from chart below. Dovetail Style Sensors Sensor Type Reed (No LED) Reed (LED) Electronic (LED) Electronic (LED) Prewired 9 ft. Leadwire Part No. Price 949-000-001 . . . . . . . - 949-000-002 . . . . . . . - 949-000-031 . . . . . . . - 949-000-032 . . . . . . . - Electrical Characteristics 0-120 VDC/VAC, 0.5 Amp Max current, 5 Watt Max, 0 Voltage Drop 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.03 Amp Max current, 4 Watt Max, 2.0 Voltage Drop Sourcing PNP 5-28 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max current, 1.0 Voltage Drop Sinking NPN 5-28 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max current, 1.0 Voltage Drop Quick Disconnect* Part No. Price 949-000-301 ..........- 949-000-302 .........- 949-000-331 ..........- 949-000-332 ..........- Band Clamp Adapter for Dovetail Sensors (Must be ordered separately) Part No. 900-300-000 Sensor Type Reed (LED) Electronic (LED) Electronic (LED) Electrical Characteristics 9$& 9'& $03 0D[ :DWW 0D[ 6367 1 2 YROWDJH GURS 6RXUFLQJ 313 9'& $PS 0D[ YROWDJH GURS 6LQNLQJ 131 9'& $PS 0D[ YROWDJH GURS Clamp on Style Sensors Prewired 9 ft. Leadwire Part No. Price 9-2A197-1003. . . . . . - 9-2A197-1031. . . . . . - 9-2A197-1032. . . . . . - Quick Disconnect* Part No. Price 9-2A197-1303..........- 9-2A197-1331..........- 9-2A197-1332..........- Band Clamp for Clamp On Sensors (must be ordered separately) Part No. 800-A00-000 Part No. Price CFC-1M - CFC-2M - CFC-5M - Cordset Length 1 Meter 2 Meters 5 Meters Female Cordsets for Quick Disconnect Sensors Pricing effective September 1, 2011