Tech Tips - Compact Air Cylinders Are Still A Big Deal

sponsored by: The compact air cylinder market is loaded with option choices, configurations, permutations, and even brands. However, sometimes the job at hand simply falls outside the standard product offering and only a tailored or custom product will suffice. The development of custom compact air actuators can often be both expensive and time consuming, but may be the only solution for unique applications. In order to properly specify a compact air actuator for any application, it requires that two main questions be answered before moving into the heart of the design: custom compact air cylinders If the ideal actuator is not found via the host of standard offerings, then the pursuit of a custom actuator might be a better solution! WHAT DO I NEED THE CYLINDER TO DO? (WHAT TYPE OF WORK WILL IT BE PERFORMING?) WHAT TYPE OF CYLINDERS DO I HAVE TO SELECT FROM? 1 2 SUMMARY Roughly 6 decades after Fabco-Air, Inc. introduced the original Pancake® air cylinder, this cylinder type continues to play a huge part in moving the industrial world today! These short stroke cylinders are lengthy when it comes to styles, configurations, and options. 10