Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 12 MULTI-POWER® PRINCIPLE (continued) Multi-Power® Assembly Tool Pneumatic tools for making cable and wire rope assemblies achieve tremendous crimping power from force- multiplying air cylinders combined with cam-operated jaws. The power cylinder has three (3) pistons. When energized they produce over 1700 pounds force directly to the cam and power head. Force is increased through the cam and jaws to approximately 4000 pounds at 1” away from the tool and approximately 2500 lbs at a 2” distance. These crimp tools drastically reduce cable assembly time thereby lowering “total installed cost”. They are available as both hand-held and bench-mounted models, so you can bring the tool to the work or centralize production assembly work at a bench. The units are lightweight and completely portable so production lines can be readily moved and adjusted to optimize production. Tools from FABCO-AIR can tackle the broadest range of wire sizes in the industry, 1/32" through 3/8" diameters. They run on standard shop air pressure of 85 to 95 psi. Dual triggers allow the tool to be operated using either the left or right hand with or without gloves. Ergonomically balanced at the triggers, the tool minimizes operator fatigue. A convenient shoulder strap allows one hand operation. Power Heads A wide selection of single groove and multi-groove power heads is available. The power heads can be interchanged in less than a minute on either bench mounted or portable tools. Making the Crimp Depressing the white button (1) at the top of the handle opens the jaws to receive the work piece. Releasing the button allows the jaws to spring closed and grip the parts securely. Pulling either of the red triggers (2 or 3) releases a lock so that the valve can be tripped by squeezing the index finger. This actuates the power cylinder driving the cam-operated jaws into their closed crimping position. Handled Crimp Tool for Splicing Application Tool with head removed Multi-groove power head 1 2 3 Multi-groove jaws with completed eye splice