Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 2 TREMENDOUS FORCES Courtesy of Fabco-Air Let's begin by considering the tremendous forces you can get from some air cylinders. Multi-Power® Air Cylinders from Fabco-Air can provide the high forces you need for countless applications including riveting, hole punching and broaching. These force-multiplying cylinders operate on the principle of attaching multiple pistons to a common shaft with an internal air passage to all pistons. You can see that a Multi-Power® cylinder (depending on it being a 2, 3 or 4 piston unit) can achieve roughly 2, 3 or 4 times the force output of a conventional single piston cylinder. Multi-Power® cylinders are available in ten bore sizes and can create forces up to 44,000 pounds rivaling many hydraulic systems! Having only two port connections, they are installed as easily as a standard cylinder. One application Let's consider an application that requires 4800 pounds of force for upsetting a rivet holding a stack of laminations together. Dividing 4800 lbs by 90 psi (our available shop air supply), we will require 53.3 in 2 . of piston area to do the job. From Figure 1, Cylinder Selection Guide, we see that two standard Multi-Power® cylinders meet the piston area requirements: a 5" bore 3-piston (3-stage) cylinder has 56. 4-in 2 .; a 6" bore 2-stage unit has 55.3-in 2 . At 90 psi, both will yield forces beyond our needs. Male rod extension Retract port Air vent slot in baffle plate Extend port 2-piston Multi-Power ® cylinder with clevis mount Figure 1 - Cylinder Selection Guide Piston #1 Piston #2 Piston #3 Baffle #1 Baffle #2