Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 6 TIP: PRESSURE SENSING CONTROL Courtesy of Fabco-Air PRODUCING EXACT, REPEATABLE FORCES WITH A PRESSURE SENSING CONTROL Fabco's “RV” Valve , with its unique poppet type seal, senses the pressure being applied and opens at a pre-adjusted set point to provide a pilot signal for circuit control. Because force is a direct function of pressure multiplied by area, the “RV” provides direct and precision adjustable force sensing. If the application requires that a predetermined force be applied to an object at a point that may vary in physical dimensions (such as crimping, riveting, etc.) the “RV” is the control to use. It assures that the desired force (due to its sensing the pressure) is applied regardless of variations in part thickness. If system pressure should drop below the “RV’s” set point, it cannot open. The cycle will hold and wait for the required pressure rather than produce an unacceptable rivet or crimp. Once pressure is restored , the cycle will continue. The part that had been under the work stroke will be finished as a "good part". The pressure gauge confirms the sensed pressure. Cut-away view of an RV Sequence Valve Figure 6 - Controlling forces with an RV Valve