Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 9 PNEUMATIC BOOSTERS Helpful Application Circuitry (continued) Nice to know When you don’t need hydraulic control, but just need to bump up your air pressure, the BP Series air boosters will do the trick with pressure outputs up to 500 psi! This series is built for use on systems in which the input to the booster will be pressurized fluid or gas. It requires a 3-way air valve for operation. Porting is provided on the unit for the power stroke only. When power stroke air is removed, the pressurized booster input will reset the pistons. BOOSTER BENEFITS • Low initial cost: Boosters can eliminate the need for costly hydraulic systems. • Low energy cost: Boosters hold pressure indefinitely without energy loss. • Save space: Boosters can usually be mounted directly on the machine unlike pumping units which are large and bulky. • Smooth power: Boosters give a cylinder the rigid, smooth, controlled motion of hydraulics. • Safe: Boosters can be completely air operated to function safely in a potentially hazardous environment Figure 10 - BP Series Booster construction