Tech Tips - Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides for Automation Projects

sponsored by: 11 2-axis motion - continued application examples application examples Lift and Carry Mechanism (Figure 10) Below one EZ Series Slide joined by a simple adapter plate to a second, smaller EZ Slide forms a two-axis motion device that carries a “comb” which engages parts in an overhead feeder track. The parts are lifted slightly so that work can be performed on them (assembly, checking, ink branding, etc.). The horizontal motion shuttles the parts forward and pushes a part off the end of the track. Next the vertical unit retracts, lowering the “comb” while the horizontal unit returns to a home position ready to repeat the cycle. Riser blocks Track Parts Adapter plate VB Shaft mounting blocks "Comb" Station table top Figure 10 Figure 11 Tandem cylinder pick-and-place (Figure 11) This pick & place application features a three-position tandem cylinder on the vertical motion allowing the track fed parts to be picked up at one level and placed into the nest on the dial at a lower level (1) is retract position for tandem cylinder; (2) is mid-position; (3) is extend position Optional single support beam (Code "SB") on EZ Series horizontal motion MV1Mounting style with B1 Mtg bars Adapter plate EZ Series tandem cylinder vertical motion Parts track Parts nest Indexing dial SPG Series Gripper 1 2 3