Tech Tips - Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides for Automation Projects

sponsored by: 9 Figure 7b Figure 7c Figure 8 slide selection - continued Dial-A-Stroke® Fabco-Air’s popular Dial-A-Stroke® can be applied to many models for precise adjustability of extend strokes shown in figure 7B. The stop tube, adjustment nut with skirt, and minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points for operator safety. Adjustment settings are simplified by convenient scale markings. Figure 7A Adding rubber bumpers to stop options Adding rubber washers to the stop options enables noise reduction and provides an impact absorbing stop cushion. Retract stroke bumper Rubber washers Adjustable retract stroke An adjusting screw (Figure 7C) with a thread sealing locknut mounted in the rear end cap provides a simple, yet rugged adjustment of the cylinder stroke in the retract direction. The fine thread of the adjusting screw provides precision adjustment. Adding proximity sensors for position control Many slide models offer a proximity switch option operated by a moving “target” (or dog) clamped to the guide shafts traveling with the slide’s motion. Figure 8 shows prox sensors combined with a retract stroke shock absorber. Fabco-Air slide packages provide for a number of third party shock manufacturers. Dog – actuates extend and mid-position prox and optional retract shock absorber Extend prox bracket Retract prox bracket Dog – actuates retract prox Mid-position prox and bracket Retract stroke shock absorber