multi-power cross section

Cutaway view of a 4-piston model in extend mode

Start with the Multi-Power® Cylinder

Fabco-Air attaches multiple pistons to a common shaft and provides internal air passages through the shaft to all pistons.

Supply air applied to the extend port energizes all pistons simultaneously, thus multiplying the extend thrust enabling tremendous forces to be obtained.

Custom Air Press

Model F-55 Press customized with user tooling

Add the precision framework

The Multi-Power® cylinders are adapted to a precision framework to provide you with the ultimate in a powerful, compact air press for production or laboratory use.

With power factors from 19.6 to 93 times line pressure, you get tool-saving, low-impact forces plus:

  • Open widths 5.5” to 11”
  • Open heights 6.3” to 14.3”
  • Small footprint
  • Light weight, portable
  • Clean operation, no oil
  • Optional Dial-A-Stroke®