Dial-A-Stroke® - a very useful option
available to add “extend stroke adjustment”
to a variety of Fabco products

pancake AS Dial-A-Stroke Gripper Dial-A-Stroke Air Press
Dial-A-Stroke Slide


When used on selected Fabco-Air air cylinders, Dial-A-Stroke® is available for strokes up to 6" to provide a rugged, precision adjustment for the extend stroke. One revolution of the screw thread adjustment nut adjusts the stroke by .050 to .071 inches depending on the cylinder size. Settings are simplified by convenient scale markings on the nut skirt and stop tube so that even 0.001 inch adjustments can be easily accomplished. Totally enclosed contact surfaces and minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points.

Please contact engineering for design information and/or application assistance.