LPG Serier Gripper

Wide opening parallel jaw motion gripper

How it works – The LPG Gripper is an adaptation of Fabco-Air's EZ Series linear slides. Its jaws are a pair of tool bars. An integral, double acting air cylinder drives the shorter jaw bar and inboard pair of guide shafts.

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A double rack and pinion arrangement transfers force to the outboard guide shafts holding the wider jaw bar. The jaw bars can be wide stance or cantilevered as shown on the left. They move with absolute parallelism and precise synchronous motion.

Centering is accurate to within .002" repeatability, providing virtually "play free" gripping. These grippers can handle heavy loads and oversize parts.


TFR - Wide stance jaws


TFR - custom jaw attachments
shown tinted blue for illustration


TBF - Cantilevered jaws