LPG Serier Gripper

LPG Application Example:
Cantilevered Jaw Arrangement avoids interference

In this application an LPG Gripper is attached to a pick and place mechanism. "L shaped" fingers attached to the gripper jaws are positioned over a product conveyor in an automated shipping system. As each product passes under the gripper, the "L-shaped" fingers stop it.

The fingers then grasp the product by clamping on its island area on top. Next the product is lifted, carried over to the carton positioned on the adjacent shipping conveyor, and placed inside. Because the jaws must open perpendicular to the direction of conveyor travel, a conventional gripper (shown in blue) could not be used. It would interfere with the wall next to the carton conveyor.

Only the LPG's cantilevered design permits the gripper jaws to be positioned as required without interference.

LPG Application