SQUARE 1<sup>�</sup>-MULTI-POWER<sup>�</sup> Cylinder

The SQUARE 1®-MULTI-POWER® Cylinder has multiple pistons attached to a common rod with internal air passages thus allowing much higher forces without having to use a bulky, larger bore cylinder or high pressure hydraulics.

Square 1®-Multi-Power® Cylinders come in 5 bore sizes.  2 stages (pistons) only. Consult Catalog CV9 for available strokes. 

Other Cylinders with Multiple Pistons

Multi-Power®in a Pancake® Cylinder

Multi-Power®in a LongstrokeTM Cylinder


  • 5 Bore Sizes (3/4" to 2") 
  • Composite Rod Bearing for Longer Life 
  • Prelubed with Magnalube-G® Teflon Grease 
  • Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Piston Rods 
  • Air Service to 150 PSI 
  • Available in 2 Stages @ 150 psi 
  • Uses only 1 Stage to Return, Saving Air Volume 
  • Many Options to Choose From 

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