Fabco-Air offers Nexen Rod Locks!


RLSS Series

New generation of linear holding/locking devices take rod locking technology to the next level. With superior performance, these spring-engaged, air-released units supplement air cylinders and guide rods for holding in power-off/e-stop situations. High clamping forces ensure positive holding with minimal air required for release.

NFPA  with Rod Lock
Static Rod Locks deliver precision holding with virtually no backlash, providing high accuracy in demanding applications. These spring-engaged, air-released units come in both ISO and NFPA sizes and will accept standard accessories.

The Rod Lock's large clamping surface ensures high clamping/holding force andoffers models for use on a pneumatic cylinder or as a stand-alone unit on a guide rod. You can further increase holding forces by stacking multiple Rod Locks together. The patent pending design is sealed and features a natural brushed aluminum finish or a corrosion-resistant, anodized finish. Whatever your application, precision operation with hassle-free performance comes standard with each compact unit.

  • No Rod Displacement on Engagement
  • Large Clamping Surface
  • IP67 Rated [exceeds NEMA 4X]
  • Fast Response Time
  • Extremely Low Backlash
  • Spring-Engaged Units
  • Profile Matches Cylinder
  • 4 bar [60 psi] Release Pressure
  • Maintains Accurate Positioning
  • Consistent Clamping Force
  • High Cycle Rates, Accuracy
  • Precision Holding
  • Holds Load During Power/Pressure Loss
  • Compact Unit, Easy Integration
  • Broad Application
Pancake with Rod Lock

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