RV-1 Cut AwayRV Pressure-sensing sequence valves

Fabco’s “RV” Valve, with its unique poppet type seal, senses the pressure being applied and opens at a pre-adjusted set point to provide a pilot signal for circuit control. Because cylinder force is a direct function of pressure multiplied by area, the “RV” provides direct and precision adjustable force sensing. This results in exact and repeatable forces applied to the work piece.


RV Diagram
Model Number RV-1 RV-2
Port Size, NPT 1/8 1/4
Weight 4.7 oz. 4.6 oz.

  • Simple - One moving part
  • Buna-N seals
  • Operating temperature 0° to + 180°F
  • Operating pressure: 20 to 150 psi
      Standard Spring: 50 to 150 psi
      Light Spring: 20 to 55 psi

Example circuits diagrams using RV valves (PDF)