CV9 Master Catalog

Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 5 Basic Construction 10-30-04 Multi-Power ® Cylinders Cylinder OD – is clear anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance. The Bore ID is Hard Anodized – Hard anodizing is an electrochemical process which provides a very dense surface of aluminum oxide that actually impregnates the base aluminum. It forms an extremely hard (60 Rc) surface with a low coefficient of friction. Hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance exceeds that of chrome plated steel. An Extra Long Rod Bearing – provides long and rigid support for the piston rod.The bearing material is Duralon ® on all bore sizes. See page 5.1 for a chart comparing the exceptional physical properties of Duralon ® to other, less durable, bearing materials. The Piston Rod – is Hard Chrome Plated Stainless Steel. Surface finish is 12 RMS or better.The standard rod end is fine female thread tapped and has long wrench flats. Piston Construction – The piston is aluminum for light weight. The piston rod pilot end and a pilot washer enable bolting the assembly securely while maintaining precise concentricity for smooth cylinder performance. Dynamic Seals – Internally lubricated O'Rings are compounded to provide extra long wear, lower breakaway (starting) and running friction, and smoother operation. In tests, cylinders with these seals have extended cycle life 2 to 3 times beyond cylinders with standard Buna-N seals. 1 12 2 3 4 NPT Port Multiple Extend Power Stroke Single Retract Return Stroke 15 14 13 15 8 10 6 7 11 NPT Port 19 18 17 16 21 3 20 7 9 5 1 12 2 3 4 NPT Port Single Extend Return Stroke Multiple Retract Power Stroke 15 14 13 15 8 10 6 7 11 NPT Port 19 18 17 16 21 3 20 7 9 5 Multiple Stage Retract with Single Stage Extend Multiple Stage Extend with Single Stage Retract No. Description 1 Cylinder tube seal 2 Atmospheric vent 3 Piston rod 4 Air passage between stages 5 Center stud, high tensile, plated 6 Stainless steel tie rods and plated steel nuts 7 Piston stop 8 Cap End Plug, aluminum, black anodized 9 Nut, plated steel 10 Piston Rod Pilot Washer locates piston to maintain precise concentricity 11 Cap end head, aluminum, black anodized 12 Cylinder tube, aluminum 13 Baffle, aluminum 14 Baffle seal, Buna-N O'Rings, –25° to + 250°F 15 Piston seal, internally lubricated O'Ring 16 Piston rod seal, internally lubricated O'Ring 17 Center shaft seal, internally lubricated O'Ring 18 Piston, aluminum 19 Piston air slot, note direction of air flow 20 Rod end head, aluminum, black anodized 21 Piston rod bushing, anodized aluminum housing with Teflon ® lined Duralon ® insert Quick Reference to Components 5.3