CV9 Master Catalog

13 Special Purpose Valves Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 13.1 10-26-04 One-Shot (Pulse) .75 1.25 2.31 OS-1 3.81 OS-3 1.56 .78 .44 .28 .97 IN EX 1/8 NPT Ports 2 Mounting Holes for #10 Screws .16 Materials: Body, Aluminum, Unanodized Cap, Brass Spool, Aluminum IN EXH CYL Model No. OS-1 & OS-3 1/8 NPT Ports Operation When the incoming signal is applied to the IN port, the spool is immediately shifted, allowing the pressure to and through the CYL port, becoming the output signal. Pressure then bleeds across an orifice through thepistonhead.Whenpressure is equal on both sides of the piston head there is a force unbalance on the spool.This force unbalance returns the spool to its original position. In this position the incoming signal is blocked and the CYL is connected to the EXH , in turn venting the output signal. Before the valve can produce another output signal it must be reset. This is accomplished when the input signal is removed from the IN port and the pressure behind the piston bleeds back through the orifice and drops to zero psi.This also self cleans the orifice every cycle. The next incoming signal can then produce another output signal. NOTE! The incoming signal MUST be of sufficient pressure and volume to shift the spool before bleeding across the orifice and balancing out. Sizing Model Weight Number Port Size Oz. OS-1 3/4 1 1/8 NPT 3.1 OS-3 1-1/2 2 1/8 NPT 4.8 Approximate Pulse Time, Seconds @80 psi Approximate ResetTime, Seconds @80 psi OS-1 Symbol Features • One moving part. • Buna-N seals. • Pulse time preset at factory. (See Model Chart) • Shorter pulse can be field set with ordinary sewing needle. • Can be cleaned or repaired without removing from installation. • Spool action can be observed for trouble shooting circuit. • Operating pressure: 45 to 150 psi. • Operating temperature: 0° to + 180°F. • No springs. • Self-cleaning orifice. Applications • Signal Conversion - Pulse , to convert a constant ormaintained signal from a limit valve or other source to a pulse or momentary signal for a double piloted valve or other device. This allows the doublepiloted valve to be shiftedback even though theoriginating limit valve is still held open. See sequencing circuit on page 13.4. • Single Cycle , to convert a signal from a hand or foot control to a pulse signal. This allows only one cycle of the circuit even if the operator holds the starting device on. The operator must release the starting device to reset the one-shot / pulse valve and then reactuate to achieve the next cycle. See pressure sensing circuit on page 13.4. • Open End Blast , to provide a pulse of air through a nozzle or tube for automatic part blow off or chip removal. Dimensions This valve provides a momentary (pulse) output at its cylinder port when pressure is applied at its inlet. No additional flow is possible until pressure at the inlet is removed, reset time allowed, and pressure reapplied. Reset time is slightly longer than output pulse time.