CV9 Master Catalog

16 Hard Wired Connectors 53 & 58 Style Solenoids 40 25.5 4.0 M3 28 21 11 4.0 M3 48.5 25.5 J Style 90° Connectors F Style Straight Connectors 122 Mini-DIN 192 Micro-DIN Wiring Information 122 Type Connector 192 Type Connector 192 Type Connector 122 Type Connector Technical Data • Cable type: Pressure extruded PVC jacket. • Cross section of conductor wire: 18 gauge standard for 122 Mini DIN. 20 gauge standard for 192 Micro DIN. • Enclosure material: polyurethane. • Molded-in gasket material: polyurethane, impossible to lose. • Ambient temperature: –13°F to 176°F (–25°C to 80°C). • Slight discoloration may occur to translucent housing after prolonged exposure to UV rays. Both connector styles have captive stainless steel screw for mounting interface to solenoid valve. Low profile allows use where space is tight. Molded-in gasket is impossible to lose. 16.2 3-14-08 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 192-J64-25 Shown Right 122-J61-00 Shown Left 192-F64-00 Shown Right 122-F60-55 Shown Left