CV9 Master Catalog

1 Pancake ® Cylinders Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligation 1.65 External Guide Pins Provide Load Guiding External guide pins , adapted to the Pancake ® cyl- inder line provide a superior nonrotating piston rod feature for applications such as package placement, figure stamping, and any application where anti- rotation and registration are critical as the piston is extended and retracted. A mounting block is bolted to the piston rod. This block has two square pins mounted to it which in turn pass through guide blocks mounted on the sides of the cylinder. Square guide pins are hard chrome plated steel for long wear and corrosion resistance. Guide blocks are hard anodized aluminum for long wear and corrosion resistance. Clearance in guide block mounting holes pro- vide for adjustment and backlash control, compensation for wear, and minimal rotation. Extended distance between guides provides superior nonrotation and support. Extended piston rod provides clearance between cylinder and guide bar mounting block to eliminate pinch points. Available on Pancake ® cylinders: Original and "T" Series Bores : 3/4" (7), 1 1/8" (121), 1 5/8" (221), 2" (321), 2 1/2" (521), 3" (721), and 4" (1221) Strokes : 1/8" through 4" Actions : –X, –XDR In combination with Options: Suffix; -T, -V, -Q, -H, HHC, -HC,-P14, -N, -C1 –– -C7, -AS, -RS, -LF, -LR, -LFR, -BF, -BR, -BFR, -E HOW TO ORDER Select the basic Pancake ® Cylinder model number for your desired series, bore and stroke. Then add -G as a Suffix Option. Please Note!! This option affects the rod end dimensions See details on page 1.66. Model G-221-X-G Shown 4-9-04 External Guide Pins Also available in Square 1 ® cylinders: Bores 3/4" through 2" Strokes 1/8" through 6" See page 2.14 of this catalog.