FAQ2R ISO 6431 Cylinders

Page 5 Trunnion (TC) 10-20 -14 Rear Flange (FB) (\H 0RXQW &$ Pivot Mount (CB) SA + Stroke XA + Stroke A) 8x clamp screws lock TC mount to extruded housing rails. Dim. 'TA' is adjustable by the customer if necessary. Loosen clamp screws and adjust to desired position. Apply Loctite 242 (blue) to clamp screw threads and tighten. B) TC mount may interfere with application of piston position sensors when using short strokes, sensing mid-stroke positions or if the TC mount is placed near either end-of-stroke. C) .PVOU JT TUFFM BOE NBZ BGGFDU NBHOFUJD mFME SFRVJSFE GPS FGGFDUJWF QPTJUJPO TFOTJOH "MM USVOOJPO QJOT BSF TUFFM Notes XD + Stroke XD + Stroke ZX + Stroke ZF + Stroke FAQ2R Series Dimensions (mm) 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ