FAQ2R ISO 6431 Cylinders

Fabco-Air, Inc. Q 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue Q Gainesville, FL 32609-1699 Q Telephone (352) 373-3578 Q Fax (352) 375-8024 Q E-Mail service@fabco-air.com Q Web Site http://www.fabco-air.com 9-20-18 Female Cord Sets Cord length 1 Meter Part No CFC-1 2 Meters Part No CFC-2M 5 Meters Part No CFC-5M Sensor Adapter Part No. TEZ73047 Fits All Bore Sizes . . . . . . . . .No charge Position Sensors Reed (LED) 5-120 VDC/VAC, 0.03 Amp Max., 0.005 Amp Min., 8BUU .BY 7PMUBHF %SPQ Prewired 9 ft. Leadwire Part No 9G49-000-002 Quick Disconnect* Part No 9G49-000-302 Electronic (LED) Sourcing, PNP, 5-28 VDC, 0.20 Amp Max., 0.5 Voltage Drop Prewired 9 ft. Leadwire Part No. 9G49-000-031 Quick Disconnect* Part No. 9G49-000-331 Electronic (LED) Sinking, NPN, 5-28VDC, 0.20 Amp Max., 0.5 Voltage Drop Prewired 9 ft. Leadwire Part No. 9G49-000-032 Quick Disconnect* Part No 9G49-000-332 Leadwire Clamp Screw 6.3 4.5 29.2 LED Indicator 9G49 Sensors Installing sensors in the mounting slot Please order sensors and female cordsets separately. A "no charge" adapter # TEZ73047 is included XJUI UIF TFOTPST UP mU FAQ2R Series air cylinders Insert an adapter into a groove. Insert a sensor into a groove. Slide the sensor into the adapter. After the sensor is positioned, tighten the clamp screw. Sensors for FAQ2R Series Cylinders Note" Quick Disconnect Sensor has a 6" pigtail with male connector.