Crimping Tools

Page 1 Work faster, neater and more reliably with the new Fabco-Air bench mounted and portable pneumatic crimping tools More than a crimping tool The new Fabco-Air 300 Series of pneumatic power tools is designed to perform numerous manufac- turing functions, improving product quality and in- creasing productivity on the production line. Now you can tackle a variety of assembly applications with confidence.Typical applications for Fabco-Air crimping tools include: ✔ Making plumbing assemblies ✔ Splicing wire rope and cable assemblies ✔ Crimping electrical terminals and connectors ✔ Swaging mechanical fasteners ✔ Staking, punching, piercing and flaring subassembly components ✔ Sealing, embossing and notching assemblies ✔ Special clamping and holding assemblies ✔ Special custom applications Principle of Operation The patented Fabco-Air Multi-Power ® cylinder uses multiple pistons attached to a common shaft. Each piston is isolated within its own chamber by means of baffles integral with the outer cylinder wall. Special internal porting through the rod allows air pressure to simul- taneously energize all pistons to produce over 1700 pounds force directly to the cam and power head. Force is increased through the cam and jaws to approximately 4000 pounds at 1” away from the tool and approximately 2500 lbs at a 2” distance. The cut-away view illustrates the concept. Baffles are indicated with red arrows; power stroke air path is shown with yellow arrows. Quick-change jaws reduce set up time New Product Bulletin #FCT-JY07 Bench mounted tool Fabco-Air, Inc. ■ 3716 N.E. 49th Avenue ■ Gainesville, FL 32609-1699 11-18-09 Prices effective September 1, 2011