FKHS Gripper

FKHS Series Page 5 4-11-16 Given - Workpiece mass = 0.6 kg - External grip method - Gripping point = 40mm from face of gripper - Operating pressure = 0.4MPa Calculation For a safety factor of 4 and setting the gripping force to be at least 13 times the workpiece weight; Required gripping force F = 13 X mg = 13 X 0.6 X 9.8 m/s 2 = 76.4N minimum Using the External Grip Force graph for FKHS-40D from page 3, a gripping force of 87N is obtained from the intersection of the gripping point distance L = 40mm and a pressure of 0.4MPa. Select model #FKHS-40D because the graph value is greater than grip force required. The graph value for the smaller FKHS-32D is approximately 56N, less than required, therefore inadequate. Review the following calculations to consider acceleration and slight impacts which occur during normal transfer, etc., using a safety margin of a = 4 . Guidelines for selection of the gripper with respect to workpiece weight. Model Selection ( continued ) FKHS-40D 0.5MPa 0.4MPa 0.3MPa 0.2MPa 10 20 30 40 50 0.1MPa 160 120 80 40 0 200 Gripping force ( N ) Gripping point L (mm) Pressure 0.6 MPa : =UXQ VOKIK approx. approx. Example 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ