FKHT Grippers

How to Order FKHT Series Catalog FKHT-10 1. Grippers are ideal for heavy workpieces. 2. A toggle mechanism holds workpiece securely even when pressure drops. 3. Magnetic piston is standard feature. 4. Adding optional sensors enables "open" and "close" position sensing. 5. Gripper body is hardcoated aluminum ensuring abrasion and corrosion resistance. 6. No extra lubrication required. 7. Tapped mounting holes on 5 surfaces. Angular, Toggle Type Grippers 100 PSI MAX . Model FKHT Action Double acting Bore (mm) ø32 ø40 ø50 ø63 Media Compressed air Min.operating 15 psi pressure Max.operating 0.7 MPa (7 kgf/cm2) 100 psi pressure Ambient & media 5°C( 41°F) ~ +60°C(140°F) temperature <ZL ÄS[LYLK KY` HPY Lubrication None required or use ISO VG32 Opening -3°to 28° -2°to 27° -2°to 23° -2°to 23° (σHFWLYH JULS IRUFH OEI ) 22 44 67 89 (L=100mm) (L=120mm) (L=150mm) (L=180mm) Weight kg (lb) 0.8(1.76) 1.09(2.4) 1.93(4.2) 2.8(6.2) Type 9C49 Sensors are used with FKHT toggle type grippers. Please order sensors and female cordsets separately from the selection guides below. Female Cord Sets 1 Meter 2 Meters 5 Meters Part No. CFC-1M CFC-2M CFC-5M Price - - - Sensor connector 3 pin cord set Cordsets 9-20-18 Sensors Features Fabco-Air, Inc. Q 1 ( WK $YHQXH Q *DLQHVYLOOH )/ Q Telephone (352) 373-3578 Q )D[ Q ( 0DLO VHUYLFH#IDEFR DLU FRP Q :HE 6LWH KWWS ZZZ IDEFR DLU FRP 6SHFLÀFDWLRQV *Note: 58psi with 0° jaw angle and 'L' = gripping point. See page 2. 9C49 Sensors 5.8 LED Indicator 7.0 to center of Sensing Area 9 ft. 25 6 in. 8mm Male Quick Disconnect * ø3.8 9C49 style sensors feature surge suppression, polarity protection, LED indicator, and extremely fast switching speeds. They slide into mating 4mm keyhole slots on either side of the cylinder housing and are easily positioned and locked in place with a set ZJYL^ ;OL` HYL VќLYLK PU [^V Z[`SLZ! H X\PJR JVUULJ[ Z[`SL ^P[O H ZP_ PUJO WPN[HPS HUK male connector, or a pre-wired style with a 9 foot lead. All sensors feature surge supression, polarity protection, LED indicator, and extremely fast switching speeds. FJU ø16 ~ ø32 Standard type Sensor Selection Guide – Electrical Characteristics Part Numbers and Prices Sensor Type Electronic LED and Sourcing Electronic LED and SInking Function PNP Normally Open NPN Normally Open Switching Speed 1.5µs operate ģV UHOHDVH 1.5µs operate ģV UHOHDVH Switching Power 6 Watts max. 6 Watts max. Prewired 9 ft. Part No. Price & & Quick connect Part No. Price & & Switching Voltage 9'& 9'& Switching Current $PS max. $PS max. Voltage Drop 9ROWV 9ROWV 3OHDVH YLVLW KWWS SRUWDO IDEFR DLU FRP FRQðJXUH SKS IRU FXUUHQW SULFLQJ 6SHFLðFDWLRQV DQG SULFHV VXEMHFW WR FKDQJH ZLWKRXW QRWLFH RU LQFXUULQJ REOLJDWLRQ Toggle Type FKHT 32 ø32 ď ď ø63 – Series Bore Price - - - -