Multi-Power Air Presses

Provisions for operator protection are always the full responsibility of the user Page 2 Multi-Power ® Air Presses Combining the muscle needed for production with the precision required for laboratory use Fabco-Air applies the unique Multi-Power ® Principle to a precision framework and base, providing you with the ultimate in a powerful, precision, compact, air-powered bench press for production or laboratory use. How it works The power cylinder uses multiple pistons attached to a common shaft. Each piston is isolated within its own chamber by means of baffles integral with the outer cylinder wall. Special internal porting allows air pressure to simultaneously energize all pistons – enabling output forces in excess of 5 tons to be easily reached! How it's built The power cylinder has all the standard Multi-Power ® features plus beefed up construction to meet the rigors of press type applications– ■ Hard chrome plated stainless steel ram ■ Extended rod bearing length ■ Duralon ® rod bearing ■ 3/8 NPT ports are standard, with generous internal passages for air flow to allow high cycling speeds ■ High strength aluminum frame plates are machined on the edges and have precision-located keyways ■ Plated steel keys mate the cylinder head and base plate to the frame plates, providing accurate alignment and rigid construction The keyed and bolted, high-strength construction provides you with precision and long press life unobtainable from any other "C" frame or post type construction. It's shipped ready for fast set-up You get your Power Cylinder completely assembled with all ordered options. The Frame Plates, Base, Keys and Frame Bolts are packed un-assembled. Only a few minutes are required for you to bolt the keyed components together. Multi-Power ® Cylinder Cylinder Tubing ; Hard Anodized Aluminum Frame Plates ; 4 Heights Available 7075 Aircraft Quality High Strength Aluminum Black Anodized Tapped Mounting Holes Inside Frame Plates for Mounting Fabco-Air Valves (see Valves, page 9) Base ; Keyed and Bolted 6061 Aluminum, Black Anodized Opening for Feeding Material from Front, Back, Left or Right Two Sets of Base Mounting Holes Provide Two Base Locations Ram ; Hard Chrome Plated Stainless Steel, Oversized for Strength & Precision with Extra Long Duralon ® Rod Bushing Tie Rods ; Stainless Steel Keys ; 5/16" Plated Steel Provide High Strength and Precision Location of Cylinder and Base to Frame Plates Acorn Nuts ; Plated Steel 3/8 NPT Ports Two Mounting Holes for Bolting Press to Your Bench or Equipment Rod Head ; Keyed and Bolted 6061 Aluminum, Black Anodized Shown: Model F55 - A x 1 - 106-6 6-6-06 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations