Page 12 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. “SPG”Series Parallel Grippers SPG300LS & SPG300LSHF 5mm Proxim- ity switches are not available on the Model SPG 100 Sensing Options S01 – S05 Sensing Options Long Stroke Model SPG300LS shown with face mounted proximity switches. Mounting bracket has convenient slot to channel wiring to the side of gripper. 5mm Proxim- ity switches are not available on the Model SPG 600 5mm Prox switches are not available on Model SPG 600LS 7/24/99B Code S19 or S20 – Dual 5mm threaded body prox switches shown on Model SPG200 Proximity Switches – Option Codes S01 - S04 All SPG Gripper models are available with rectangular body proximity sensors attached to the face of the gripper by a tee slot bracket. Switches are actuated by sensing a pin on one jaw. Single and dual position sensors are available for verifying open/close/both jaw positions. Specials – Because SPG Grippers are symmetrical, a third switch can be added on the opposite side to detect parts presence. If jaws "overtravel" the grip point, the third switch is actuated signaling that no part was present to "stop" the jaw travel. (Call our applications department for details.) Note: These sensors are extremely sensitive and can make and break dual switches with as little as .025" jaw travel! Sensors can be mounted with the leadwires adjacent to the port, allowing the air supply tubing and sensor wires to be neatly bundled together. Or, the wires can be routed to exit on the side opposite the ports. Proximity Switches – Option Codes S11 - S20 SPG 200 and 300 models (except High Force) with "J2" or "J4" jaw styles can be ordered with an alternate prox switch option utilizing a 5mm threaded body. Switches are mounted on either end of the gripper and are actuated by sensing the head of cap screws attached to the jaw end(s).