HHD Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

57 Maintenance, Service & Installation Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice or incurring obligations. Tel: 352-373-3578; Fax 352-375-8024 • email: service@fabco-air.com CUSHION ADJUSTMENT PORT POSITION HHD Series cushion design is in a category of its own. Each cylinder head that is machined for cushion operation is held to specific tolerance’s to insure the customer is getting optimal cushion performance. Most cushion applications are adjustable but there are certain cylinder designs cushions will either not fit or a permanent cushion design is required. Permanent cushion design is not adjustable. Making Adjustments Turn clockwise for more cushion and counter clockwise for less cushion. Small and medium cushion adjustments use 3/32 Allen Wrench. Large cushion adjustments use 5/32 Allen Wrench CUSHION ADJUSTMENT PARTS BALL CHECK PARTS 12-7-16