H-Series Cylinders

2 Please visit http://portal.fabco-air.com/con "gure.php for current pricing. ai r cyl inders outstanding design and const ruct ion. . . super ior per formance and rel iabi l i ty 1. Barrel – Stainless steel (Type 304). Drawn and polished I.D. provides ideal lube-holding, low friction surface. Matte finish on O.D. Barrel attached to heads by Fabco roll- forming process. 1 4 7 3 6 5 9 2 8 3. Heads – Aluminum. Internal face grooved for positive air flow to piston seals. 4. Piston Rod - 303 Stainless Steel standard all models. Wrench flats, standard on most models, and chamfered for easy wrench contact without rod damage. Threads are roll formed for strength and durability. 5. Piston - Unique Fabco Piston may be factory assembled in two different ways – same overall dimensions with or without bumpers. Piston threads are Roll Formed for strength and durability. 6. Seals – Buna N standard on all models. Fluorocarbon (Viton…Option F) available for high ambient temperatures, for extremely high cycling conditions with limited lubrication or mild chemical resistance (air supply contaminants and/ or lubricants). Seal design ensures constant contact with cylinder barrel eliminating seal collapse and blowby. 7. Rod Bushing – Oil permeated bronze. Ball-sized to close tolerance… provides rod support and smooth, low friction rod movement for longer cylinder life. 8. Pressure Ports – Full, unrestricted porting for maximum air flow…combines with groove in heads to provide fast cylinder response and smooth rod movement. 2. Return Springs – High tensile strength music wire. Shotpeened…to relieve stresses for longer life. 9. Spacers – Spacers ensure a uniform spring rate and prohibit collapse of springs, providing maximum life. 10. Accessories – (see page 18 & 19) Steel mounting nuts, mounting brackets, rod clevises, etc., are burnished and bright zinc plated. 1-9-17