Linear Slides

Page 24 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Engineering Data Ideal for applications 12-16-98 Side tapped mounting holes in body (four on each side). Thru-hole mounting (4) this side with tapped holes (4) on the opposite side. Precision guide shafts Straightness .0015” per foot. Standard case hardened (Rc 61 - 65) and ground (9 - 14 microinches RMS). Optional stainless steel Code – Z. Stainless steel piston rod – End of piston rod is piloted into the back of the toolbar by a precision machined counter- bore. A socket head cap screw completes attachment to the toolbar. This design eliminates piston rod side loads, increasing cylinder seal life and improving performance. Compact design – The SE Series Linear Slide was designed to fit precision motion applications where only limited space is available. The SE consists of a rugged, clear anodized, aluminum bearing block with four, pre-loaded, sealed linear ball bearings supporting hardened guide shafts and a front toolbar. (Optional sleeve-type, linear bearings are available. Code – X: Duralon ® ; Code –W: Rulon ® ) An integral air cylinder built into the rear of the bearing block pow- ers the toolbar. The SE slide’s compact design and precision construction make it ideal for many machine applications where slide loads are moderate and a minimum overall length is necessary. “SE” Series Linear Slides Front Toolbar Clear anodized aluminum, machined top & front for squareness. Tapped mounting holes (top & front) are standard. Optional slip fit dowel holes and slip fit dowel slots assure repeatably precise tooling attachments. Code – T1: Optional blank toolbar (no mtg holes) Codes –T3 or T4: Optional toolbars for joining dis- similar slides together. SE and EZ Series can be combined for 2-axis motion. Bearing Block Clear anodized aluminum with precision machined mounting surfaces. Bottom View– showing optional dowel holes and slots on surface 1, 2 & 4 (Dowel Code –D124) Slip fit dowel hole Tapped mounting holes (4) Slip fit dowel slot Dowel Surface 4 this side Surface 5 Opposite Side Dowel Surface 2 Dowel Surface 3 Dowel Surface 1 Dowel Surface 2 Dowel Surface 4 Optional Dowel Hole/Slot Code –D Optional slip fit dowel holes and slip fit dowel slots allow for repeatably precise slide mounting and/or attachment of end tooling. Option may be specified at any or all of the five surface locations shown in blue. SE250 SE375 SE500 SE625 SE750 SE1000 SE1500 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 1-1/2" 1/2" 3/4" 1-1/8" 1-1/8" 2" 2-1/2" 3-1/4" .20 .44 .99 .99 3.14 4.91 8.30 .17 .39 .88 .88 2.84 4.47 7.51 . .41 .99 2.79 4.16 10.50 19.79 56.72 .06 .13 .21 .27 .52 .81 1.60 1/2" to 4" by 1" to 6" by 1" to 10" by 1" to 10" by 1" to 6" by 1" to 6" by 2" to 30" by 1/2" increments 1" increments 1" increments 1" increments 1" increments; 1" increments 2" increments 8" to 18" by 8" to 20" by 2" increments 2" increments Model Guide Shaft Diameter Bore Power Factor Extend Power Factor Retract Weight, lbs. @ zero stroke Weight per inch of stroke Standard Strokes Pressure Rating: Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi Output Force: Output Force in Pounds = Pressure X Power Factor Speed: Safe speed range is 6 to 8 inches per second. Speeds from 8 to 20 inches per second are obtainable with the hydraulic shock absorber or urethane bumper option. For higher speeds, and/or heavy reciprocating load applications, consult factory. Accuracy: SE Series Slides feature pre-loaded linear ball bearings for play-free operation. Each bearing has .0001"/.0003" pre-load built in with special ground guide shafts. The built-in air cylinder will stroke +.015"/–.000" of nominal stroke. Repeatability of stroke is ±.001". Straightness tolerance is .0015" per foot of shaft.