Linear Slides

Page 63 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Model Number Will End Here If No Options Are Desired T20 – V Integral Options Step 2 Please turn the page ▼ Continue on to step 2 if you want to add Sens- ing Options ▼ Toolbar Options 1-26-99 Integral Options Toolbar Options Blank toolbar (no holes) is available as a no cost substitution. Code T1 Blank toolbar Ordering example: EZP7550-5H2V-MH2T1 Grippers EZP5025 and EZP7550 model pick & place units are available with transition plate or tool- bar that will directly mount a Fabco-Air “SPG” Series parallel gripper (see catalog #GR-7 for gripper details). Mounting details are shown on page 71 of this catalog. Specify toolbar code here; order gripper separately. Model EZP5025 Code T10 Transition plate for “SPG 100” gripper T20 Transition plate for “SPG 200” gripper T30 Transition plate for “SPG 300” gripper Model EZP7550 Code T20 Toolbar to mount “SPG 200” gripper T30 Toolbar to mount “SPG 300” gripper To order a combination of these options, use multiple letters. Example: –D2XVZ specifies that a dowel hole, Duralon ® shaft bearings, Viton seals and stainless steel guide shafts are built into the basic pick & place unit. D – Dowel Hole & Slot Code & Location(s) Available on any of the mounting surfaces shown on page 60 & 61. Example: D12 specifies dowel holes/slots on bottom surface of bearing block and on bottom surface of toolbar. H – Hydraulic Cylinder Seals (150 psi max.) V – Viton Cylinder Seals Bearing Options Sleeve Bearings can be substituted for standard linear ball bearings. W – Rulon ® Shaft Bearings X – Duralon ® Shaft Bearings Guide Shaft Options Y – Hollow Guide Shafts Case hardened & ground #52100 tubular steel available on EZP7550 horizontal motion. Z – Stainless Steel Guide Shafts: shaft material compatible with bearing type will be provided. Bearing Type Shaft Material Std. linear ball brgs. 440C hardened & ground SS Option “W” Rulon ® sleeve Hard chrome plated SS * Option “X” Duralon ® sleeve Hard chrome plated SS * * Note: Except EZP5025 vertical motion will be 440C material Building the Model Number in 3 Easy Steps