Linear Slides

Page 72 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations “TS” Series Linear Slides 1-7-99 Twin Guide Shafts Straightness .0015” per foot Standard case hardened (Rc 61 - 65) and ground (9 - 14 microinches RMS) Optional stainless steel Code – Z Cylinder Tube Hard coated aluminum alloy. End Caps Precision machined aluminum alloy, clear anodized finish. (Shown with Optional Cushion – Code C). Choose from ten mounting style and port location combinations. Tie Rods Stainless steel Tube seals O-rings provide a positive tube seal and allow the tube to rest directly against the end cap groove for a positive and precise mechanical joint. Optional Shaft Mounting Blocks Sturdy aluminum blocks clamp onto shafts to provide a tooling mounting point. (–H2 block shown) Engineering Data Optional Adjustable Stops Hex bolt and jam nut provide a convenient end of stroke adjustment. Piston – Aluminum alloy for reduced reciprocating weight. Piston is heat shrunk press fit to shafts and pinned. Because shafts are guided at each end, there is no piston-to-cylinder contact, eliminating piston scuffing. Piston seals are lip type Buna N. Precision linear ball bearings Four sealed ball bearings ( two in each end cap) with full steel bearing shell are standard. Optional sleeve-type, linear bearings Code – X: Duralon ® ; Code –W: Rulon ® Shaft Seals Four lip seals for positive sealing, low friction and long cycle life. Optional Air Cushion Available on TS200 mod- els and larger Mounting Holes (not shown) Stainless steel screw thread inserts prevent “thread stripping”. Ports Standard NPT thread with choice of location. Tapped guide shafts (Not available with Option "Z") Pressure Rating: Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi Air Output Force: Output Force = Pressure x Power Factor Speed: Safe speed range: without cushions – 6 to 8 inches per second; with cushions – 8 to 16 inches per second. Tandem hydraulic shock absorbers can be provided for speeds exceeding 18 inches per second, or for heavy reciprocating weights. Contact factory for application assistance. Load Limits: Safe loading involves a combination of factors including: bearing capacity, shaft strength and allowable deflection, life expectancy, how the load is applied, and how fast the load is accelerated/decelerated. – DO NOT OVERLOAD – Overloading can cause reduced product life, shaft bending and loss of positional accuracy, as well as bearing and seal failure. CAUTION: Heavy reciprocating loads can create damaging impact forces at end of stroke. It may be necessary to use adjustable stop bolts, air cushions, or special hydraulic shock absorbers – or reduce speeds. Model Bore Power Factor Ext. & Retract Guide Shaft Diameter Weight, lbs. @ zero stroke Add lbs per inch of stroke Standard Strokes Cushion Adjust Needle valve Optional retainer plate Shaft Clamp Block with Stop Bolt Prox Option shown here. Note spring-loaded actuator plate Optional Tapped Guide Shafts Tapped guide shaft ends can be provided at one or both ends. This option includes ground shaft ends so that end tooling can be attached directly to the shaft ends. An optional retainer plate is also available and can be used in conjunction with any of the Shaft Clamp Mounting Blocks to provide positive mechanical attachment of the block to the guide shafts. Stop Plate - Code “SP” TS112 TS150 TS200 TS250 TS325 TS400 1-1/8" 1-1/2" 2" 2-1/2" 3-1/4" 4" .89 1.55 2.75 4.29 7.41 10.99 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" .88 2.05 3.96 7.03 11.76 22.02 .12 .25 .40 .59 .82 1.29 1" to 10" by 1" incr. 1" to 12" by 1" incr. 1" to 15" by 1" incr. 1" to 20" by 1" incr. 1" to 20" by 1" incr. 1" to 20" by 1" incr.