Linear Slides

Page 80 Specifications subject to change without notice or incurring obligations Construction – The cushion option consists of a needle valve adjacent to the port, a spud attached to the piston, and a lip type seal that acts both as a seal and a check valve. Operation – As the slide nears the end of stroke, the spud enters the check seal, closing off the exhaust port and forcing the captured air to exhaust through the adjustable needle valve, providing a smooth, controlled deceleration. On the return stroke, the pressurized air collapses the rim of the lip seal allowing full air flow and providing a quick breakaway. Cushion length can be specified. Long cushion spud allows slide to be adjusted to stop short of full stroke, and still have plenty of controlled cushioning. Ordering Code “C ” (location L, R, or B in box) plus a 2-digit number to specify the cushion length as a number of 1/8" increments. Maximum cushion lengths are shown below; minimum cushion length is 3/4". Model Max. Cushion Lengths TS200 . . . . 1-5/8" . . (13 eighths) TS250 . . . . 2" . . . . . (16 eighths) TS325 . . . . 2-1/4" . (18 eighths) TS400 . . . . 3" . . . . . (24 eighths) Example : For a TS250 with 1-1/2" cushions at both ends, the cushion code is – CB12 1-7-99 “TS” Series Linear Slides Air Cushion Option Available on TS200 Models and larger Rod Scraper Available on all TS sizes Spud Needle Valve Flow Path Check Valve (Lip type seal) Cut-away view of Model TS200-7-MH3-CL13 showing air cushion details Choose Mounting Style & port locations Step 1 Select a stroke (Special strokes also available) T S 2 0 0 – 12.0 – MH2 Model TS112 TS150 TS200 TS250 TS325 TS400 Standard Stroke Length 1" to 10" by 1" increments 1" to 12" by 1" increments 1" to 15" by 1" increments 1" to 20" by 1" increments 1" to 20" by 1" increments 1" to 20" by 1" increments Mounting Styles MH1 Horizontal Shafts, Side Ports High Opposite Sides MH2 Horizontal Shafts, Side Ports High & Low Same Side MH3 Horizontal Shafts, Top Ports on Center MH4 Horizontal Shafts, Bottom Ports on Center MV1 Vertical Shafts, Side Ports on Center Opposite Sides MV2 Vertical Shafts, Side Ports on Center Same Side MV3 Vertical Shafts, Top Ports – Staggered MV4 Vertical Shafts, Bottom Ports, Staggered –B1 Mounting Bars –B2 Mounting Bars (except TS400) MF1 Thru hole mounting MF2 Tapped hole mounting Flange Mount Ports on Center Indicate “TS” series Select model size from chart below Model Size 112 150 200 250 325 400 Bore 1-1/8" 1-1/2" 2" 2-1/2" 3-1/4" 4" Guide Shaft Diameter 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" “MS” Metallic scraper shown here Construction – The rod scraper option consists of a steel plate attached to the tie rods that houses a pair of exclusion rings (metallic or urethane) which will effectively remove contaminants that may cling to the guide shafts in severe environments (such as metal cutting machinery applications where "sticky" coolant is used). The optional proximity switches and adjustable stop bolts (shown elsewhere in this catalog section) cannot be used with the scraper option. Magnetically actuated sensors (Codes "J" & "E") are compatible with the scraper option. Special adjustable stops can be provided. Please contact the factory or your local Fabco-Air distributor. Ordering Code “MS ” Metallic Rod Scraper (location L, R, or B in box) Code “US ” Urethane Rod Scraper (location L, R, or B in box) [ For use with MH or MV only