Tech Tips - Compact Air Cylinders Are Still A Big Deal

8 sponsored by: enormous range of options continued Additional Relevant Options POSITION SENSING Standard electronic switches are a very popular option. All that is needed is the addition of an internal magnet attached to the piston! Many compact cylinders come standard with external grooves in their bodies for easy mounting and adjustment of sensors. EXTEND STROKE ADJUSTMENT Dial-A-Stroke® (a registered trademark of Fabco-Air, Inc.) provides a rugged and precision adjustment of the extend stroke of the cylinder. (Figure16) The stop tube, adjustment nut with skirt and minimum clearances combine to eliminate pinch points, thus providing operator safety. RETRACT STROKE ADJUSTMENT An adjusting screw with a thread sealing locknut mounted in the rear cover provides a simple yet rugged and precision adjustment of the cylinder stroke in the retract direction when the piston contacts the end of the screw. The fine thread of the adjusting screw provides precision adjustment. figure 15. cylinder body that includes mounting grooves and standard electronic switches. figure 16. dial-a-stroke® figure 17. retract stroke adjustment