Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 10 SOLVING A MACHINING PROBLEM On the Production Floor The job at hand for one machining center was to produce pneumatic valve bodies. The problem? Inadequate air pressure. Because of the extreme distance away from the factory's main compressor, pressure at the machine had dropped too low for its pneumatic vise to hold parts securely during a vital thread milling operation that was creating 1/4 NPT ports. Inadequate clamping forces from the vise was putting valuable CNC tooling at risk and, of course, risked damaging the workpieces at a late stage in their production. A Multi-Power® booster provided the convenient, low- cost solution that brought production up to speed producing defect-free threads with no rejected parts. In addition to the booster, a 5-gallon tank, a 3-way valve, two check valves, a regulator and an extra pressure gauge were all that it took to remedy the clamping problem. The simple circuit shown below was "teed" into the existing supply line to maintain the pressure required for reliable vise operation. Regulated Supply Controls Final Output Pressure of Booster Gage 5Gallon Tank Absorbs Pulses BP Series Booster with Option "L" Limit Valves 3- Way Control Valve CycleOn/Off Valve Driving End Boosted PressureOutput to Pneumatic Vise Check valve SystemSupply Check Valve SystemSupply Output End