Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 11 MULTI-POWER® PRINCIPLE Fabco-Air applies its Multi-Power® Principle to a number of other devices. Multi-Power® Linear Slides Applying the Multi-Power® principle to linear slides increases slide thrust without increasing the bore or the mounting footprint. Shown below is a Fabco-Air slide model SE1000, utilizing a 4-stage Multi-Power® cylinder capable of producing 1,830 pounds extend force at 100 psi supply pressure. A conventional cylinder would yield only 491 pounds force at the same supply pressure. Four families of Multi- Power® air cylinders Standard Multi-Power options are offered on the following Fabco-Air cylinder families. The Pancake®II Family The Pancake® Family The Square1® Family The Longstroke™ Family Model SE1000 4-stage, 2-1/2" bore linear slide