Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 13 BENCH-MOUNTED TOOLS Courtesy of Fabco-Air As with the handled models, crimping jaws for bench models are spring loaded normally closed for safety. Foot pressure on Valve A, shown in the photo below, opens the jaws for the wire and sleeve assembly to be inserted in the jaws. Releasing Valve A allows the crimp jaws to close lightly and hold the assembly securely in place. Next, foot pressure on Valve B actuates the heart of the tool, a force-multiplying air cylinder that powers the cam operated jaws to the closed crimping position. Built-in quality control The circuitry in the foot operated control box includes a pressure sensing valve that can be adjusted for various crimp pressures. The valve is extremely accurate and in essence delivers continuous QC. For example, if the supply pressure should fall below the sensing valve's pressure setting, the valve will not provide a “crimp” signal to the tool. Thus the tool will stall at this point without making a bad crimp and without ruining the parts. Once pressure is restored, the cycle will continue. The parts that were in the jaws will then be finished as a “good assembly”. Booster Accessory Installs Quickly Some jobs may require higher forces for proper crimping. An optional booster accessory is available to increase the supply air pressure to an acceptable level. It is attached with four allen bolts to the rear of any Fabco-Air crimping tool. Change-over takes only minutes. More Than a Crimping Tool The FABCO-AIR 300 Series of pneumatic assembly tools has the functionality to perform any number of manufacturing operations, improving product quality and increasing productivity on the production line. Bench operated tool Foot operated control box Valve B Valve A NOW, IN ADDITION TO WIRE AND CABLE APPLICATIONS, YOU CAN TACKLE A VARIETY OF ASSEMBLY APPLICATIONS WITH CONFIDENCE, INCLUDING: • Making plumbing assemblies • Crimping electrical terminals and connectors • Swaging mechanical fasteners • Staking, punching, piercing and flaring subassembly components • Sealing, embossing and notching • Clamping and holding assemblies • Special custom applications Optional boosters attach to the rear of the portable tool (shown here) or to the bench mounted tool. Power head for Pex plumbing installations