Tech Tips - Forget Hydraulics

Sponsored by Page 5 TIP: DETERMINING FORCE REQUIREMENTS Courtesy of Fabco-Air HOW MUCH FORCE DOES IT TAKE TO CRIMP A PIECE OF TUBING OR PRESS A BEARING INTO ITS HOUSING? Use this simple, economical circuit for the job. 1. Adjust regulator to zero pressure. 2. Situate work under the work stroke. 3. Shift valve to extend position. 4. Slowly adjust regulator to raise pressure. 5. Rod will move to the application. 6. Continue increasing pressure while watching the application. 7. At the moment application is completed, read pressure gauge. 8. Multiply gauge pressure by the effective piston area of your cylinder (find piston areas in a "Selection Guide." Sample guide shown in Figure 1, page 2) 9. Result is the force (lb.) required by your application. The Fabco-Air 300 Series of pneumatic power tools is designed to perform numerous manufacturing functions, improving product quality and increasing productivity on the production line. Now you can tackle a variety of assembly applications with confidence. Fabco-Air: Multi-Power Cylinders & Pneumatic Crimper video Figure 5 - Determining Force Requirements