Tech Tips - Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides for Automation Projects

sponsored by: 8 Safe Loading charts are usually included in slide manufacturer’s literature. The charts aid your design considerations by predicting maximum deflections at various strokes and loads. An example of typical loading data is shown below referencing Fabco-Air’s GB Series linear thrusters. LOAD FULLY EXTENDED Figure 5a Figure 5B slide selection - continued Controlling stroke travel Stop collars attach to the guide shafts for adjustment of stroke in the extend, retract, or both directions. As an alternative, threaded rod can be attached to the rear of the cylinder head in some linear slide styles for use with stop nuts as the adjustment feature shown in Figure 6B. Clearance Flat Stop Collar Flange Nuts Stop Plate Threaded rod Alternative Stop Bolt Adjuster Figure 6a Figure 6b Watch now: Fabco-Air’s video on Slides and Rotary Actuators